Tap Exam Summary

Tap Exam  2017-2018


Please Note: Practice Cd’s have all been sent home over a month ago!  Check Dance bags!!

Lots of students have told me they are not using them yet!

Please be sure your child gets this cd and uses it! It also includes Christmas show music.

Tap Exam fees are not due until the new year February 15 is our entry deadline. Our letter of Intent for Tap Exams will go out in the New Year along with registration info for the exams.


It is that time of year  that we need to start thinking about the goals of the 2018 dance seasons.  I feel that it is important that we set goals for our children/students to keep them moving forward, improving their skills and accomplishing their own goals.  In my 30 years of teaching experience, I have learned that when students have their mind made up that an exam isn’t in their future, their drive and attention to detail isn’t as focussed.  Improvement in technique is at a much slower rate if a goal is not set.


Tap Exam Information:

A full list of students who are eligible for tap exams this season will go out after Christmas.  I believe we should move forward as if we are all doing exams so that students keep striving toward their goal.  We will access every class in January and evaluate if the children are ready for an exam this season.

  • Tap Exam Date: May 28 to June 1 .Note that this is the week after year end show.
  • Tap Exam Entry Deadline: Is February 15/18

Tap Exams are usually done every second year for the older grades and every year for the first few. The Gilbert exam program is designed to do a year of technique and a year of exam performance. In some cases (especially in younger motivated grades), students are ready within a season to do the next exam. This is at the instructor’s discretion. With the exams being in June, we have found it much easier in the past few years to get through a grade in a year.

Be aware that there is an age requirement for each grade. Special conditions can be requested only if the student is in an “exceptional” position. Remember, there is no rush. The examiner wishes to see the students at their strongest!

Age Requirements

  • Primary 1 – 4 years
  • Primary 2 – 5 years
  • Tap 1 – 6 years
  • Tap 2 – 7 years
  • Tap 3 – 9 years
  • Tap 4 – 11 years
  • Tap 5 – 13 years
  • Tap 6 – 15 years
  • Tap 7 – 16 years
  • Tap 8 – 17 years
  • Tap 9 – 18 years


In order to participate in tap exams, students need to commit to doing their part in reaching this goal.

Students must practice on a regular basis and know the exam material. They must get the required music and work on the technique and the musicality of each exercise. As students all learn differently and at a different pace, practice should start now!


  • Students must memorize and understand the questions for the grade and be able to answer them loud and clear.
  • Students must attend the required extra exam preparation classes in May.
  • Students must attend tap class on a regular basis. Attendance can become an issue for some students.
  • Students should not procrastinate. Practice must start now in order to succeed. Practice cd’s have gone home and are included in fee.


There is some required effort from the parents as well.

  • Parents are responsible to pay the exam fee upfront and by the required date. We will not come looking for you. There is a 25% surcharge from Gilbert exams for any late entries. The studio does not like to enter late. We want to be on time.
  • Parents are asked to assist the students in learning the exam questions well in advance. PLEASE!! Practice these questions ASAP.The students will get these questions in January and are asked them regularly in class.
  • Parents are also asked to be sure students are putting in practice time. (We only get 1 tap class a week for tap exams where ballet gets 2 or 3. Practice time is essential to the success of these exams)
  • Parents need to provide the proper exam attire. The required attire is available at Classique Dancewear and needs to be clean or new. You cannot send your child in just any dance suit. The uniform is required. It is required for mock exam and exam day.


As the instructor, I will be sure the students learn and have a good understanding of each exercise as well as the exam dance. I will be sure to ask the exam questions in tap class so that the students understand what these questions are all about.             I will be available for extra rehearsals in preparation for the exams.  We also have mentors available.


When we get closer to the exams, I will send out updates on what the students need to be working on and keep the parents informed.


I will inform the parent or child if the child does not seem to be ready for the exam and we will have the student wait until the next season.  It is not in anyone’s best interest to go into an exam and do poorly, or fail.  We want our exam students to excel as does our examiner.  She does not want to fail anyone but she marks according to what she sees in the exam.


What will you need in order to do your exam?

Tap shoes that fit you properly and that aren’t too big for your feet. Heels need to stay in your shoes when standing on the balls of the feet.  Please check your child’s shoes.


If you wear paten tap shoes with a ribbon, your Mom or Dad will need to get some elastic and do an elastic tie in your shoes immediately.  No ribbon tie ups please.

The exam notes which include questions. These will be sent home with the exam cd just after Christmas time.

There are 2 cd’s required to practice this exam(with the exception of Primary levels with 1 cd). Both are now included in your exam fee.

A technique cd which plays slow with voice it is an excellent tool for rhythm and musicality.  This is the cd all students should be working with first.  Included in the exam fee.    These are the new cd’s with exam technique only and have the slow exam dance on them.  An excellent practice tool for ALL.  This has been sent home!

The exam cd which usually comes after Christmas. This cd along with the notes is also included in your exam fee.

This Gilbert Tap System Works!!  It provides students with a good strong tap skills and work ethic!

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