The Big Apple Tap Workshop

The Big Apple Tap Festival

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Nov 11-13

This is tap in every style, every form.

Travel dates for Miss Vanessa if wanting to join her…

Nov 10:  West Jet flight #1680 at 10:15

Nov 15: West Jet flight #1681 at 5:55

Staying at:

The Element Times Square  has rooms designated for The Big Apple Tap Festival  be sure to use these rooms when you call.  (Room cost: 209.00-321.00)  Call on your own…1-212-643-0770  BOOK NOW as you can cancel!


Workshop Price:


Prices on website show 470.00 for teens 3 day program and pre-teens 325.00 for 2 day program.  See website for details…

Broadway Dance Center Classes:

Not just tap, classes available in all dance forms!  If you aren’t a tapper, dance here!!  We will organize a few daytime classes for jazz/hip hop on Nov 14!


Broadway Shows:

When I go to New York, I see as many shows as I can.  Take them all in with me or pick and choose which you wish to see.  There is a tap show included in the Tap Festival that we will attend.

Food:  There are so many great restaurants in New York from street vendors to high end.  Everyone will be on their own for meals but we will meet up for several pre show dinners.  I have several recommendations which I will put out to you before we head out.

Touring:  I have been to New York several times so my trip will be geared mostly to dance and shows this time.  I do recommend you get out to see the sights, Central Park, Empire state, Stature of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge etc  There are many ways to do so.  Hop On Hop Off bus tours that you can book there are one of the best.  Dress Warm!

Unaccompanied Minors:

If you are wanting to send the kids with Vanessa, and not attend yourself, that’s great too.  We have done it before!   However, please have proper legal travel documents notarized so that we don’t run into travel guardian issues.  Vanessa doesn’t have room in her hotel room for “extras” at this point.  Anyone who wishes to attend with her will be put in a shared room and the hotel has assured me that they will try and put this room next to mine.  You can buddy up with another family too!

These kids MUST be on their best behavior and ready to go with the flow of the festival, meals and shows.



Level Registering for (look at website)__________________________________

Parent Attending___________________________________________________

Extra Show Tap Show Tickets Needed___________________________________

Vanessa will do a group registration and all fees and exchange must be paid to her immediately once visa arrives!  Book your hotel and flights on your own.  I will be booking show tickets within the next month and let you know which ones I am attending and we can book as a group for theses as well!

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