This Week’s Reminders


Some reminders for the week.

Globetrotters tickets were due yesterday to watch our kids perform.  I can hold off until 4:00 today but need to order then!      Fall ballet exam forms went home last night and a few more go home tonight, they need to be back in the office by Wednesday Sept. 20             Our meet and greet BBQ/Potluck sign up sheet looks lonely.  We would like to meet you all this Friday Sept 22 from 6-8.  Please sign up so that we have enough meat purchased for the event.  Please remember this should be a NUT/SEED Free event!  The event takes place at the Police Picnic Shelter  from 6-8.  Directions are posted at the studio.  At the June meeting we talked about working towards community within the studio, building friendships…here is an opportunity!

Please…I would love a couple of Dad’s to BBQ for us! My skills aren’t the best.

Globetrotters Rehearsal Friday 22

Please be on time so we do not need to back track.

Be warmed up before we start as we are not marking Friday.

Show #1

  • 2:00-Dangerous Diva’s
  • 2:20-4,3,2,1
  • 2:40-Uptown Funk
  • 3:00-Run the Above Show
  • 3:15- Run Show #2  which includes REID, FREAKS, WALK THE WALK  4:00-MUST HAVE Costumes  (everyone needs their own black leggings, white tops, and accessories for show #1  /add Red accessories Show #2  nothing hanging for acro)  Everyone for Show 1 Nikes/Jazz Shoes, Show #2 Nikes
  • 4:30- Done

Looking forward to a great week


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