This week’s updates (9/25)

Had a few people say they missed this

Reminders for the week…

This week everyone should be firming up their class schedules.  Erica will be in the office from 2-7 Mon-Thursday.  This is really important!

New students to the festival exam program, I have met with and talked to teachers about placement and some students will be receiving emails regarding placement and options now that we’ve had a 2 week assessment.
Please give these classes a try!  We want everyone placed by both ability and age however it is important we get each student what they need specifically.

Wednesday Sept 27  ADULT TAP (Beginner and Inter) AND BALLET(all in one) START Wednesday.  This is going to be fun!  Come give it a try!  I have brought out our tap shoe used shoe bucket just for you!!
PRIVATE LESSON SCHEDULE WILL BE POSTED for booking on Wed Sept 27 @ 4:00

Friday Sept 29  Extra Group Practices
3:15 Chris’s new group
4:00 Reid’s
4:45 Tessa’s

Friday Sept 29  Hip Hop Workshop from 7-9 with Universoul Dance
Don’t Miss Out!!

Reminder that everyone going to Triple Threat Workshop must be registered by Oct 1 to get a 10% discount.  Register this week!

Have a great week!

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