This week’s updates Feb 27-Mar 5

All bulletin boards, schedules, festival schedules, rehearsals have all been posted at the studio for the next 6 weeks.  Please go in in the next few dance days and have a look through everything.  Please take note of the festival schedules posted and make your corrections.

Pease take home your festival costumes as they come back to the studio foyer.

Attendance at all rehearsals  is so very important in this next 3 weeks.  I have been dealing with some frustration on the teachers/other parents, students  about attendance. Dances are not getting cleaned like they should be as we seem to be always missing bodies. We love that the kids are busy and involved in  all sorts of activities but now is the time dance must become a priority as your children are responsible to the groups they dance with.  We have known that festival number one was going to take place in March since October.  Please take this into consideration.

Attached is the updated festival schedule!


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