This week’s updates, Tap practices, extra rehearsals

Reminder, no regular classes next week!

Here are some updates for the schedule.
Included is the family week schedule.  I WILL NOT BE MAKING ANY ADDITIONAL


All tap fees were due in today for exam.  If you missed the deadline, I
will be in the office tomorrow at 1:00.

There have been requests for some extra practices.  These extra family
week classes are open to all Tap students who would like the extra help.
See the schedule to confirm times.

Tap 2 Monday Feb 19  12:30
Tap 3 Friday Feb  23 2:30
Tap 6 Thursday Feb 22 3:00
Tap 7 Thursday Feb 22  2:00
Tap 9 TBA  Monday( if it works for Laura/Sky  please confirm)

Many, many updates have been added for Extra rehearsals for small groups,
a 2 hour rehearsal for Mary Poppins and practice time for ALL senior
dances.  Please read schedule carefully.

The senior students had requested practice time at the studio.  It has
been added in every Friday from 6-8 starting after the break.

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