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A few of our older students/parents have voiced that they would like to do another dance trip.

I am already planning a trip to Toronto on March 23-26 to see Madi in a play.
I would be more that happy to take the girls with me and take in classes at :

Millenium (20.00/class), Underground (17.00/class)…exact dance schedules will be released closer to the date.

There are several shows playing that weekend…

  • Come From Away(tickets are limited and hard to find…I’ll keep looking)
  •  Gobsmacked(looks interesting)

There are also a few sporting events going on as well.

Toronto has great restaurants and shopping and I would highly recommend taking in St. Lawrence Market, Royal Ontario Museum and a few other touristy things!

I’d like to stay right downtown so we are centrally located.  My suggestion would be the Fairmont Royal York Right now the Royal York is showing 201 a night which is a great deal for
this downtown hotel.

Back in the day it used to be just the kids and I and perhaps a few teachers that wanted to go.  It seems like there are several parents interested in going along as well, which is great.  Please don’t feel like you need to go this exact weekend.  I choose this weekend as I will be there anyhow.  I realize it is very close to festival dates and I would hate for anyone to miss regular classes this week as I know the teachers will be cramming to finish up cleaning.

My travel dates are  Friday March 23(as I don’t teach that day)-Monday May 26.  When in Toronto, I travel by train and walk as transit is very simple.

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