Track Suits

Hello Everyone

We are ordering Adidas track suits, black on black, with VanDance logo on chest this season along with backpacks!

All VanDance students, teachers and parents are welcome to purchase!

In order to purchase:

Go to Doug’s Sports @ 315-7th St S Lethbridge (327-5751)
Ask to do a try on for VanDance
Prices are:
Jackets Kids 70.00, Adult 75.00
Pants Kids 55.00, Adult 65.00
Backpacks 65.00
(keep in mind that these are base fees and if you add on extras you will be charged extra)

ALL ORDERS MUST BE IN BY MARCH 11 and no late orders will be accepted on this pricing

I have posted a sizing sheet and info at the studio.

These outfits will look great!!  We are hoping they’ll be ready for the first festival, but if not we should have them for Dance POWER!

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