Updated Class Schedule

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for a great first week so far!  Monday will be our final first day!

A few changes to the schedule thus far.  Click here or visit the registration page for an updated copy.

Monday Class Changes

  • Monday classes will stay as scheduled until we have our first day with the exception of…
  • NO Teen Hip Hop @ 8:30
    • There are some long breaks for some students this day and we will address these breaks

Tuesday class changes…

  •  Inter Foundation Pointe for ALL Inter F’s at 6:15  TUESDAY…Not Wednesday as previously scheduled.
  •  No Character 3 will take place this season it has been cancelled.

Wednesday class changes…

  • MANY TIME Changes  Wednesday schedule is going to start at 4:15 and not 4:00  Please see attached schedule to confirm your time.
  •  All rec Hip Hops are to come at 5:00  (some were attending at 4:45 and some were at 5:30)  Wed Tiny Tot that was at 5:30, is now at 5:45 for 1/2 hour only as this class has only a few students.  If there are more registrations into this class, we will again make it a 45 minute class.
  •  The Character 7/Intermediate is no longer on Wednesday night.  We will move it to Thursday at 5:00.
  •  There will be no Tap 7 or Tap 5/6 skills class any longer  We have added a BOYS Jazz class for All our Male students picking up jazz class this season  Tap 6 Moves up to 5:45  Tap 8 moves to 7:15

Thursday class changes…

  • There will be one character class this year and it will be held on Thursday @ 4:45
  • Modern 7/Inter will combine at 5:30 this week and then Miss Heather will make a decision whether she wants these 2 classes combined for the season.

Saturday class changes…

  • No Tiny Tot class on Saturday morning.
  • Kindertot at 10:45 is very small.  It will run from 11:00-11:30.


To clarify Ballet classes for our older students…

Third ballet class should start at grade 3 level with a year 1 Intermediate foundation class and beginner Pointe Tuesday at 4:00 and 4:45.  (This is the SPANISH MASQURADE CLASS FROM LAST SEASON.) Any student who HAS NOT completed a grade 5 exam should be studying Inter foundation Ballet as their 3rd class (anyone holding grade 3 or 4 certificate) This class takes place Tuesday at 5:30 and Pointe at 6:15.  Any students who has chosen Not to do grade 5 exam should be doing BOTH Inter foundation classes as their 1st and second class(Tues/Wed)…NOT INTERMEDIATE or a graded exam.  The third class should be Monday Grade 7    Any students who have completed grade 5, 6, 7 or 8 should be studying INTERMEDIATE as their 3rd class(Tues at 7:00).     Any students who have completed Intermediate foundation exam should be concentrating on the Intermediate exam this season. (Mon, Tues, Wed,Thur)

Teachers are not committing this early in the season as to whom will be doing any ballet exams during the season.  We will let you know with our ballet letter of intent as the year progresses.

We will deal with choreography class for our older ballet students as the year progresses but the focus now is on exam work.


Reminder:  Parent Meeting on Tuesday Sept 13 at 7:30.

We will continue to keep you up to date on any schedule changes.


Thank you in advance for a great season!


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