Updated Schedule


Attached is an updated schedule that starts on Monday Sept 18  There have been some changes.

We have finished up our first busy week of classes and what a week it was!

These kids kept us on our toes!!

In meeting with each of  the instructors, there were a few changes that needed to be made immediately across the board.

There were some large gaps in ability in a few grades and in order to cover the work efficiently for the classes, this must be ironed out.  Our teachers are told to shoot high and to work to the top end of the class.

With hard work, students will move and progress quickly this way.

Age(maturity) is always a factor in classes, but there are many more factors that we take into consideration.  Each child is an individual.

Please do not compare your child to anyone else’s.

Taken into consideration:

  • We kept dance days and basic times the same for all age groups
  • 5 classes maximum per evening for an age group
  • Try to eliminate breaks for both students and teachers…in some cases, in order to get all the classes in, this wasn’t the case but in most instances, the schedule has tightened up.
  • Try to get ALL students home as early as possible through the week, especially our youngsters!
  • Keep dance days to a minimum…2 for our youngsters, 3 for some Inters and 4 for senior level


  • Level 2 students are now dancing extra classes with the Level 4’s(Tap and ballet on their own)
  • Acro Monday Pre Primary and Primary levels have been split by experience  Everyone new to Acro comes at 5:30 Monday,
  • Youngsters who have had a year come at 4:45 Monday
  • Jazz Hop Pre Primary 2 and Primary 1 Monday are now together at 4:00 Monday

We have added a technique class for all new Grade 1 ballet level students and up, including BOYS working up to festival levels  This class is Monday at 7:45-8:30  This class will take the place of one of your grade 1 level classes

Intermediate Ballet Wed at 4:15, we would like to start at 4:00…try your best!!


This week is Bring a Friend week for all students!  Please be certain that your friend is you age and ability.  If they are not, please see the office and we can give them an appropriate time.

Monday Sept 18, all Globetrotters ticket forms must be in and paid

Wednesday Sept 20 is our Ballet Fall exam deadline.  You will be notified on Monday Sept 18 if this concerns you!

Pot-Luck/BBQ  Friday Sept 22 at the Police Picnic Compound we are hosting a get together.  Please sign up in the foyer and let us know what you will bring a salad or dessert and VanDance will bring all of the utensils, burgers, hotdogs and fixin’s.  I am hoping for a great turn out.  This was a suggestion at our year end meeting that we do more “community” feel things here at the studio.  It will be great for everyone!

Friday Sept 22 2-4:30 is Globetrotters rehearsal and run through IN COSTUMES please.

Used shoe Sale Saturday Sept 23 at the studio from 10:30-12:00  Please bring in your used, unwanted shoes clearly marked with a price.  I have envelopes to collect funds.  Everyone MUST pick up all unsold items by 12:15  We have no where to store shoes!

I will be sending out a few class placement emails to individuals if there was concerns however,  I am taking the rest of the day off and will do this tomorrow!!  It’s been a great week, but a long one!

Enjoy your weekend!


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