Updated Tap Exam Info

Please see the attached document for updated tap exam times

Monday May 30 Extra Tap Day Mock Exam

3:00-Tap 9 (Skylar)

4:00-Tap 1 Group 1 (Althiana, Asher, Makayla, Halle)

4:15-Tap 1 Group 2 (Evan, Asia, Aria, Brooklyn, Meridian)

4:30-Tap 2 ALL

4:45-Primary 1 ALL

5:00-Primary 2 ALL

5:30-Tap 3 Group 1(Jordan, Myah, Cameron, Addison, Mackenzie)

5:50-Tap 3 Group 2(Addriene, Neely, Ainsleigh, Ella, Lexi, Chelsea)

6:10-Tap 4 Group 1 (India, Tegan, Georgia, Lauryn, Caroline, Alex, Julia, Jenna)

6:40-Tap 4 Group 2 (Madison, Jesse, Emma, Taia, Sarah, Marissa)

7:00-Tap 5 Group 1 (Chiaki, Talyn, Chloe, Taylor)

7:45-Tap 5 Group 2 (Tayler N, Michela, Jayde, Emma)

8:30-Tap 6 ALL

9:00-Tap 7 ALL


3:00-Tap 9 (Sky)

4:00-Tap 1 Group 1

4:15-Tap 1 Group 2

4:30-Tap 2

4:45-Primary 1

5:00-Primary 2

5:30-Tap 3 Group 1

5:50-Tap 3 Group 2

6:10-Tap 4 Group 1

6:40-Tap 4 Group 2

7:00-Tap 5 Group 1

7:45-Tap 5 Group 2

8:30-Tap 6

9:00-Tap 7

Tap Exam Day Schedule June 1


(She Tends to Run Early)

10:00-Tap 1 Group 1

10:15-Tap 1 Group 2 

10:30- Primary 1

10:50- Primary 2


11:30-Tap 5 Group 1

12:15-Tap 5 Group 2


1:30-Tap 6

2:00-Tap 4 Group 2

2:30-Tap 4 Group 1

3:00-Tap 2

3:15-Tap 3 Group 2

3:45-Tap 3 Group 1

4:15-Tap 7

5:00 -Tap 9



**Here are some corrections from this past weeks classes.  Please read through and do some home practice.


Primary 2-No fidget, practice your Terrific dance, prepare when it says and, stretch arms!!, be sure they are practicing with music, practice questions!!!!

Tap 1-No Fidget, DO NOT MISS YOUR TURN…PAY ATTENTION, Barre Work-Must Do 4 Shuffles, Hold Body Still, Speak clearly on Marches downstage/upstage, practice springinging and holding balance on shuffle jump, Did not know Questions!, bend knees on the together of point tog, heel tog, toe tog, Speak clearly right hand left hand, bounce knees on rocking toes and feet together, sharp head to side on gallops, no twisting on balance, a few do not know the dance well enough…be sure they are practicing with words…then without and remember the corrections, I have asked this level to practice exam dance as we have reviewed it many times…Thank you!!


Tap 2-be sure starting foot goes behind other leg at barre not retire position, don’t pound feet…have good sounds, bend knees on flap heel exer., hold arms in stong second at the barre,  Questions need to be more confident!, on flap bc exer practice saying your words confident!, buffalo exer is br h TIP OF TOE, Practice performing Your Exam dance.


Tap 3-step in front on all bc change turns at the barre…they lose a mark every time they don’t!!, all shuffles come frome the back not a retire position, more plie on flaps to back, strong arm hold in second at barre, practice separating cramprolls sounds especially left, separate sounds of hop shuffle combo at barre, waltz clog combo need attention at home…lots of missing sounds and we have gone over it many times, time steps are a big concern and I had put a slow version and an up to speed version…please be sure you are practicing the time steps and breaks daily as they are by far the weakest part of the exam.  Rehearse and perform the dance.  A few were still unsure of Questions.


Tap 4- More plie on flap exer, stronger arms in second at barre, scuffs at barre are turning into digs…move them, riff bc change turns are inside turns…be confident, didn’t get to questions but please be sure they know them, irishes cross, watch lunges aren’t 2 things…keep it as a jazz lunge on paddle turn…up up down!, flap hh turns apart together, Dance needs rehearsal and corrections need to be applied.

Work throughout for stronger arms throughout.


Tap 5-Marks in this grade usually drop 10-15 marks because there is much more “MEAT”, pass mark is 70, struggling rhythm on very first shuffle exercise use slow cd to correct, step front on all bc turns at barre, no stampy,  poundy feet only clear sounds, know how many of everything you do!, finish all sounds of pullbk sounds, single wing and a toe is still very weak and not yet passable for most…it’s a strength and muscle memory issue and must be practiced daily, some are having rhythm issues and need to go back to slow cd to hear it, pick up feet and articulate sounds…dance your work, work the speed of the turns with music, don’t lunge turns with 2 actions a lunge is 1 motion…a jazz lunge works well, work on cincinatti turn so you are confident on double piro,  We will do your exam dance review at 6:00 SHARP this Wednesday…please be there so we get through all your work!


Tap 6-Do not miss sounds on the easier barre steps…there should be no question on these, pendulum wings are weak and still need practice, swap wings can be inconsistent, some pick ups and pull bks are still missing sounds, single wing combo separate the 3 wing sounds, practice the triple and quad time steps, use your knee on all wings, ALL turns need practice as they are still not clear and in time…use your cds, slow and fast. DANCE needs work…I will meet with them Wed May 18 at 4:00 to go over it but they must put in review time before that please!

Tap 7-pick up feet otherwise it looks like marking and sounds get missed, articulate sounds, get around to front on all breaks, go over 2/4 with slow music the fast and get the order down, be sure of all breaks, separate all pull backs to 4 sds, don’t compromise rhythm for number of turns…you’ll lose rhythm marks, separate crolls, practice heels and big steps on mambo, be sure to DANCE the grade don’t just show her steps, more twist on corkscrew, be more confident in dance!  Perform it!

All students need to remember that Ms. Hayes does not want to see them if they are boarderline ready, she wants to see them well prepared.  She does not enjoy “failing” students but if they aren’t ready and have more than 30 errors which consist of 1 per missed sound, 1 for off rhythm, 5 off for missed questions…she calls it like it is.  She would much rather you hold off, go in prepared and confident.

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