Updated Tap Exam Schedule

Unfortunately the schedule I sent this morning does not work for some of our grade 4’s so I have put them back in the afternoon but will also leave Tap 2 in the afternoon which slims out the morning a bit.


Sorry for the changes I have been trying my best to accommodate schedules but every time I make changes I need to check with Miss Hayes.  We will leave the schedule for exam day Wed June 1 as…


Tap Exam Day Schedule June 1

BE THERE READY 30 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED TIME  (She Tends to Run Early)  I will have studio open at 9:30  10:00-Tap 1 Group 1  10:15-Tap 1 Group 2

10:30- Primary 1

10:50- Primary 2


11:30-Tap 5 Group 1

12:15-Tap 5 Group 2


1:30-Tap 6

2:00-Tap 4 Group 2

2:30-Tap 4 Group 1

3:00-Tap 2

3:15-Tap 3 Group 2

3:45-Tap 3 Group 1

4:15-Tap 7

5:00 -Tap 9


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