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Private Lesson Rotation Schedule (Jan 18-20)

Private Lesson Rotation Schedule (Jan 25-27)


 I would ask that everyone take the time to do one final check of the Moose Jaw entries today.

 Today is the deadline for changes.  I teach until 10 and MJ is an hour ahead.  I need to get these entries in!

Any changes that are initialed in green means that the change has been made by me.      Please correct if they have a prop(hand held props don’t count)set up prop time does count!         Also correct if you start on or off.

 The festival solo/duo private lesson billing book has been updated.  I would really appreciate getting these accounts cleared up.  Some accounts have accumulated over the holidays.  Erica is in the office on Wed but if you are in today, you can leave a cheque on the desk.

 Many of you missed paying for the second tap group(Beetles) as well as the second MT group(Oliver)on your entries.  Also, some overpaid for groups that aren’t going.  When you are in the office, please check with Erica on your festival summary sheets.

 I have attached an updated schedule(thus far) for the week and also a schedule looking forward to rotation 2 as I know people are looking to planning.

 There is an extra rehearsal for Oliver, Beetles and Can Can on Sunday Feb

10 for ALL students involved.  We start loosing students for holidays after this date.  Please try your best to attend!!!

 Ballet exam rehearsal on Sunday Jan 20!

 Thank you!


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