Updates for dance schedule


We are into our second day of ballet exams and we want to remind everyone that there will be regular classes tonight with the exception of Grade 7 ballet(your exams are done after today).  This means that the Intermediate ballet will be at 8:30 tonight.
Grade 4 ballet will be doing Interfoundation tonight as a warm up to the exam tomorrow, but all students should attend to run ballet dances.

In tonight’s classes, we will be running regular class work as well as all of the small groups and in class groups that will be dancing in Moose Jaw this week.  It is important you attend as some of these groups have not danced since PEAK.  Miss Heather, Miss Renee, Miss Sydney and Miss Vanessa will be in attendance to be sure all groups get rehearsed tonight.

Congratulations to Miss Erica who was married this past weekend!!!

Miss Erica will be in the office for the next 3 days from 4-6 pm clearing up all accounts.  Miss Erica is off to Europe after this week so please get in to clear up your festival/private lesson accounts thus far.  Small group accounts can be cleared up after Moose Jaw.  There will be a few extra ballet and tap exam privates still to be billed, however your festival solo/duo bills should be up to date.

If anyone is wanting Tap exam privates in the next 2 days, please let me know immediately and we can try and find some time before we are off to Moose Jaw.

I have attached this week’s WED/THUR condensed schedule in case you missed it.  Please attend your classes!
Have a great week.

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