Updates for Nov 7

I have attached an updated schedule for this weekend’s classes.  There  are no regular classes on Nov 11.  There are however, private lessons.  There are fall ballet exam extra classes on Friday!  Please read the schedule.  Inspire groups are this week.  Please go over them before you  arrive so we can get straight to cleaning.       There have been some cancellations in the private lesson schedule,  so lesson times have bumped around a slight bit.  Please be aware of your updated time.      Reminder that there is a solo duo costume exchange on Friday and I encourage all festival students to bring in your solo/duo costumes and rent or sell them.  The costume books are pricey.  There are so many nice costumes floating around!

Reminder that Erica is in the office on Wed from 2-7.  Please be certain that all of your accounts are up to date.



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