It has been my goal to get our Musical Theatre classes into “Triple Threat” mode offering drama, singing and dance for many years now and this season we are heading in that direction.
With my own daughter attending Randolf Academy for Performing Arts, a school that concentrates on a well rounded musical theatre performer, it has become more apparent to me that these students need more exposure to drama, vocal training, movement, stage fighting, to working with a pianist and all sorts of creative works to become the well rounded performers they should be going into these programs beyond our studio walls.  Students should be able to go into an audition or even a job interview and be able to carry themselves with confidence. I’d like to touch on many different areas of the Musical Theatre world this season and I am excited about getting some information out to the students.

Musical Theatre Modules :

We are starting with…

September 14, 21 and 28  will be Drama for Dancers with Uof L and VanDance Graduate Alexa Elser.  Alexa is living in Calgary and has taken on a Jubilations dinner theatre role in Edmonton and Calgary.  She is excited to come back and share with her her home studio! Below is a bit about Alexa.

Alexa began her career in performance after dancing with VanDance for 10 years. She then became a graduate of the University of Lethbridge?s Dramatic Arts Performance program, participating in many theatre productions there, most notably as Carrie White in Carrie: The Musical. She was also fortunate enough to work with New West Theatre on multiple musical-comedy revue shows during her time in Lethbridge. This past summer, Alexa appeared in As You Like It with Shakespeare by the Bow/Theatre Calgary. Upcoming, you can catch her on the Jubilations Dinner Theatre stage in Downton Abbey Road. So excited to work with the VanDancer’s!

October will be vocals/info on working with a pianist month with the wonderful Brenda Forrest and the lovely Kathryn Zaborsky of New West Theatre.

November will be Dance Production month.  The students will work together with Vanessa to combine singing, dancing and acting to produce a 10 minute production number that the classes will combine and do for festival as one BIG production group.

December will be Dance Cabaret with Miss Madisan…get on your heels!

After Christmas…

January we will be working on some musical comedy with Miss Erica Hunt.  An expert in this field!
We are lucky to have Miss Erica on board to work with the students on voice and text this year as well!
February/March we will be working on our Musical Comedy pieces in each individual class for festival.  FUN FUN FUN!!

This year the students will end up with a production and a musical comedy piece.
After festival I am hoping that we get some performance bookings for the kids to get out and perform class nights!  (meetings, in the park, nursing homes etc) as well as some guest instructors throughout the season!

I am super excited about our new set up!  Sign up now!

Come to class Thursday.

Thursday 5:30….Musical Theatre 5/6, Thursday 6:15….Musical Theatre1/2, Thursday 7:00….Musical Theatre 4(may combine)


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