Week 3 updates

 It is Week 3. 
 Our goal is that group dances are complete by the end of the week.  If your child would like to video the groups this week…it is a great idea!!  We will have 3 weeks of cleaning after reading week.  Remind the kids that cleaning corrections are to help them and improve their dances. 

Attached is the Updated Schedule for this week and next.  Please notice the extra tap exam and ballet exam rehearsals next Tuesday Feb 19.  There is an extra rehearsal for senior jazz next Tues Feb 19, broken down into groups…for everyone that is here and available.        A few of the teachers 
have extra spots for Reading week.  The schedule will be posted in order to 

Tap Exam fees are due this week.  Erica is in the office on Wed from 2-6 

Tap Exam Letter of Intent is attached    Moose Jaw entries must be checked 
before Feb 14 (Thursday) 

I will try my best to get the Yates Rehearsal Schedule, The March private lesson rotation, and the Hair Tights and Shoe List out by the end of the Week!
 We are 5 weeks away from the Yates rehearsal.  One of which is a holiday week!

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