Welcome to MooseJaw

Hello All

Welcome to Moose Jaw!  Hope you?ve all had a safe drive or are getting packed up and ready for the drive tomorrow!

A few things about Moose Jaw festival.

The festival is held at Peacock auditorium. It is a high school and classes do run during the week.  Please be respectful!

This festival is all run by volunteers.  If the volunteers ask something of you, PLEASE DO IT!  If they want you to line up for your group, please do so!

All music has been downloaded onto the Moose Jaw sight.  I have my computer for back up.

All students should be present for the awards sessions.

No tap shoes are to be worn until students are backstage.

No parents are allowed backstage.  Their rule not mine.

Do not approach the adjudicators…ever.

You are to check your child in with the backstage before their session starts.

Myself, Miss Renee and Miss Madi will be around the theatre all week.

Please do not arrive late for groups.  Be ready before the session so the kids can always do a quick run through. There is no designated practice area but the kids can do a quick hallway run through…please don?t be the guy that misses the run through!

Be organized all week!

Now, let’s have some fun!!!!


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