Yates Rehearsal Schedule – April 4

Monday April 4 is costume Rehearsal at the studio!

Please see attached Schedule

Solo/Group Yates Rehearsals April 5, 6, 7, 8

Classes at the Studio Running as Usual!!  Attendance back at the studio is a must!

  • These rehearsals are for blocking (stage spacing) and are very important! Be fair to your team and attend!
  • All take place at the Yates
  • You can wear your solo costume but no group costumes unless specified! No make-up!
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early . Be ready to go onstage 5 minutes before your time!
  • In regular dance attire with proper shoes for each dance. Hair pulled back off the face.
  • Sit quietly in the audience.
  • No running around. Students must sit quietly in the audience NOT THE FOYER!  NO RUNNING AROUND!
  • No parents at these group rehearsals please. Except for a Volunteer each night.  Solos your attendance is appreciated.  Give us this time with your kids.  They become very distracted with parents and we sometimes don’t get quality time.  In the past our teachers have become frustrated with visiting and talking during these important rehearsals.
  • Enter through the front Yates doors or the Sterndale Bennet Theatre. Back door will be locked!
  • Times will alter slightly to fit everyone in and to use Yates time wisely…we pay for every minute so we will not leave spaces.  Also, teachers have other responsibilities and have given specific times they can attend.

Monday April  4 at the studio.  Full Costume Rehearsal…Hair done but NO MAKEUP!

4:00-Pre-Prim 2 Levels

4:30-Primary and A’s

5:30-A’(combined classes) and B’s

6:30-C’s and D’s (including int 1 and int 2 company)

8:00-D’s (combined with Sr first) and all Sr dances!


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