Year End Show Update – It’s happening tonight

Exciting!!!  We are ready!!


We added Tiny Tot and B level dances to the show tonight…be aware!!

All students must arrive via the Yates backstage door (at the roundabout behind city hall). Volunteers are required to be in the building by 6:00 (NO LATER!) on show nights .  Students must arrive between 6:15 and 6:30 show nights .  We adhere strictly to these times as we are required to have 200 students dressed and ready for Act 1 at ShowTime…do not be late.  Your child may not be dressed and ready for the show if they are late!  All students must come with hair and make-up done and with tights (no underwear under tights!) for their first dance.

ALL ITEMS SHOULD BE MARKED CLEARLY WITH NAME(shoes, cover up tights and bag)

Carry all shoes and additional tights, along with a clean snack in a clearly marked back pack or bag.  Try to wear a robe or sundress overtop so it is easy for the dressers to help you.  Mark every shoe, every tight, every item they bring with their name, first and last!

After their final dance the students will get redressed and have a treat in the green room until after the show.  You can pick students up at the Yates back door where you dropped them off.


  • Videos of the entire show will once again be filmed and sold by Cogo Productions.  They do a stunning job and this is a great family souvenir.  We will not be doing any presales.  You may place your order in the lobby of the Yates on show nights/afternoon.  Videos are $45.00 and cheques are payable to Cogo Productions.  These videos have every group dance from the entire season on them (all shows!).


Festival students we do not change hairstyles at Year End!

  • Hair is to be in a high bun, no part  for ALL dances (excluding Tiny Tots and Kindertots and Rec Hip Hop)
  • Tiny Tot and Kindertot Hair is in a Pony pulled back off the face and Very Curly!!
  • Pictures are posted on of hair and make-up
  • Tights same as Festival for Festival Students (if unsure, look at for this info or attached email)
  • All pink, beige and black tights are matte?not shimmer!
  • Be sure tights are clean, and in good condition.  No holes or runs!  All tight available at Classique Dancewear
  • Please no nylons or “pretend” tights.  Let’s all match and look fabulous!!


  • Shoes same as Festival for Festival Students (if unsure, look at )


Please go to for  photographs!

  • Dark Stage Make Up for everyone.  Please follow these steps.
  • Start with foundation 1-2 shades darker than skin tone
  • deep plum blush, brown shades of eye shadow using lots of white highlighter both above and below the eye
  • mascara or false eyelashes(preferred)
  • eyeliner (wings) which makes 2 parallel lines one from below the eye, one from corner of the eye and out about 1/4 of an inch
  • lip liner and a deep red/deep red lipstick  a good color is L?Oreal #312 Ravishing Red or Covergirl #915 Red Siren
  • Make up should enhance your child’s already beautiful face. It should be done with care.
  • Anyone with specialty make up bring makeup remover and a wash cloth!
  • Large Rhinestone Ear rings for everyone.
  • No jewelry or nail polishes (unless called for as accessories).


  •  All Patten Tap shoes must have elastics not ribbons.  Wear black golf socks to make them closed in if needed.
  • No panties under tights unless called for on tights list.
  • No jewelry or nail polish (unless called for as accessories).
  • All black fishnets should be worn with beige matte tights underneath for shine and for comfort.
  • Anyone showing midriff in a costume, may buy a full beige body stocking for under it if you wish.
  • Any costumes that you are asked to costume yourself, must be taken home after final show.  Leave all vandance costume pieces in provided baskets.
  • No dangly earrings but large rhinestone studs for all dances are appropriate unless otherwise specified.



Thursday Show Order

Everything Old is New Again

Cool Kids



Shake a Leg

Elastic Heart

A little Less Conversation

Everybody Dance

Rockafeller Funk


I Love Rock n Roll


Spanish Masquerade

Benny and the Jets

Pas de Quatre


Animal Crackers


New York New York

Get Freaky

Look Up

Merry Maids


Knock on Wood

Easy Love

Let it Be

Just Whistle

I Hope I Get It

Pretty Polka

Sweet Child O? Mine

Jump Around



Just The Way You Are

Hula Hoop


Stayin Alive



Let me know if you have NO Numbers between dances.  Children with only 1 number to change will do quick changes backstage.  Be there at 6:15 to set your quick changes!!  Miss Renee is in charge of quicks.

Reset ALL quick changes each night!

Let’s have fun!!

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