2018-2019 Awards

We like to recognize and reward our students and staff who put in that extra effort to excel in their field of dance. Below you will find some of the most recent recipients of awards from both inside the studio and from various performances and festivals. If you see some of these people around the studio be sure to congratulate them for their tremendous achievements.

Student of the Year – Jordan Sande

To a Student that qualifies for each and every award category.  This student is a true role model. This is a student who works hard each and every class, exudes a true love of dance, positive attitude and a hard work ethic.  For this award, all teachers must agree that this is a deserving student.

 Kristi Engleson(93), Lisa Smith(95), Kim Carlin(95), Jessie Gardner(96),Kayelene Lickiss(97), Tricia Sugden(98), Lacey Wells, Kandis Span(99), Leanne Hosack, Stephanie Sugden(00), Lacey McGlenn, Tiffany Jensen(01), Maddy Baldwin, Lani Pickering(02), Mikail Tate, Stacey Tajiri(03), Lisa Zaporzan, Robin Pickerell(04), Taylor Sheahan, Catherine Emek(05), Jade Pitre, Stacey Tajiri(06), Jenn Beaver, Carlynn Antoniuk(07), Desire Deis, Christi Harris(08), Josh Malcolm, Taylor Culler(09) , Mikaela Pahulje(10), Alexa Elser(11) Kyla Klassen(12) Mikaela Pahulje(13). Madisan Cowan(14) Liam Collins(15), Skylar Miyanaga (16), Georgia McCrady (17) Laura Forrest (18), Jordan Sande(19)

The Nina Pavlova Ballet Award – Jordan Sande

This award goes to the Graded/Major Student who receives the highest ballet exam mark all season.

Ashtynne Coma(12), Ainsley Murphy(13), Laura Forrest(14), Myah Nagata, Talyn Morris (15), Emma Sande (16), Addison McCrady (17), Addison McCrady(18), Jordan Sande(19)

Hardest Worker Award – Julia Larue

This award goes to a student, who in every class works to the best of their ability to improve themselves.  This student must do so showing a positive attitude.  

Chelsea Oudman(93), Monica Plamondon(94), Candice Staniek(95), Jen Reimer(96), Vivian Claeys(97), Randi Tajcnar(98),Kirsten Morley,  Lani VanUden(99), Noriko Major, Tayler Orban(00), Krista Forbes, Erin Kanegawa(01), Meagan McGlenn, Taryn Brown(02), Carmen Thompson, Katrina Miyanaga(03), Cianna Lyon, Steph Sugden(04), Josh Malcolm, Kim Wikkerink(05), Joyce Mmbando, Catherine Emek(06), Tayler Orban, Taylor Nish(07), Alexa Elser, Daina Patereson(08), Brittany Ervin, Katrina Miyanaga(09), Bailey Dyck (10), Kayla Talerico(11) Kennedy McGill(12) Skylar Miyanaga(13), Liam Collins(14), Tegan Nielsen (15), India Arden (16), Mackenzie Palmarchuk (17), Emma Sande(18), Julia Larue(19)

Showmanship Award – Alexa Roberts

This award is given to a student who loves to perform and it shows.  They use facial expression, style and aren’t afraid to show their stuff each time they walk out on the stage or into class!

Lisa Smith(97), Lindsey Genert(98), Evan Cowan, Tiffany Jensen(99), Katherine Lowings, Tricia Sugden, Jessie Gardner(00), Carly Raslask, Gina Ressler(01), Taylor Sheahan, Meghan Cowan(02), Alexis Matejko, Taryn Brown(03), Lauren Taal, Stacey Tajiri(04),  Annie Brewerton, Lindsey Rondeau, Erin Kanegawa(05), Brittany Dyke, Jozie Rempel(06), Erin Kanegawa, Haylee Chontosh(07), Madisan Cowan, Caraline Smith(08), Mikaela Pahulje, Tea Miyanaga(09),  (10), Tori Solomon Duda(11) Bailey Dyck (12) Chiaki Urano(13), Hailee Fisher(14), Tatiana Rimmer (15), Cameron Boulter (16), (17), Abigale Roberts(18), Alexa Roberts(19)

Most Promising – Marisol Valgardson

To be a promising student, a student must show consistent improvement throughout the year.  Promising students take corrections well, learn from mistakes and also have great work ethic.  These are students that the teachers see bright futures for!

Tricia Sugden(93), Jessie Gardner(95), Kandis Span(96), Meghan Cowan(96), Stephanie Sugden(97), Stacey Tajiri(98), Meghan Hawkins, Melissa Megyes(99), Taylor Sheahan, Jen Morgan Jones(00), Ainsley Gross, Christi Harris(01), Lisa Zaporzan, Carlynn Antoniuk(02), Jade Pitre, Taylor Culler(03), Tayler Orban, Shandyn Nakamura(04), Kyla Klassen, Jozie Rempel(05), Madisan Cowan, Demi Berube(06), Ashtynne Coma, Sydney Cleland(07) Ainsley Murphy, Skylar Miyanaga(08), Tatiana Lozza, Tyrah Sebok(09), Kayla Hamilton(10), Laura Forrest(11) Talyn Morris (12) Georgia McCrady(13), Taylor Stroeve(14), Jordan Sande (15), Chloe Turchyn (16), Madison Nagata (17), Addison McCrady(18), Marisol Valgardson(19)


Most Improved Award – Alex Thomson

This award goes to a student who shows improvement in all areas and disciplines of their dance year.  Improvement must be recognized by all teachers.

LinseyCollet(93)Victoria Saunders(94), Jen Malinsky(95), Lindsey Collett, Kayelene Lickiss(96), Melissa Megyes(97), Jessica Robinson(98), Emily Anderson, Sasha Ducharme(99), Robin Pickerell, Taylor Sheahan(00), Reagan Jensen, Mackenzie Braun(01), Catherine Emek, Tricia Hamilton(02), Kym Krchnak, Jackie Domolewski(03), Erin Kanegawa, Alison Zaporzan(04), Evan Cowan, Catherine Emek(05), Caraline Smith, Mikaela Pahulje(06), Brooke Turcato, Tatiana Lozza(07), Taylor Culler, Dustin Bettger(08), Haylee Johnson, Cianna Lyon(09), (10),  Angela Micovic(11) Kelsey McNally(12) Haylee Johnson (13), Mackenzie Ash(14), Michela Kroker (15), Rory Nelson (16), Jesse Andrus (17), Jordan Sande(18), Alex Thomson(19)