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Welcome to VanDance Studios. With studio locations all over Southern Alberta, we are excited to help provide a high quality recreational/exam based dance program. We offer classes for all age categories and skill levels, and with our qualified instructors can help you and your children get the most out of their efforts in this beautiful art form. Please take some time to browse our website and blog. We have information available to help you with registration, scheduling, staff bios and qualifications, as well as a few select pictures featuring some of our memories over the last few years. If any questions arise, please use the contact form to let us know, and we will be sure to respond as quickly as possible.

Stage Makeup Page

5- Georgia To assist parents and students, we have created a stage makeup page.  It is available as a subitem under the home menu button, or you can click on this link to take you right there.  STAGE MAKEUP

There is a list of suggested supplies as well at the bottom of the page.  Please review and let us know if you have any concerns.


 The Art of Competing

The Art of Competing

Competing, according to Webster, is the effort of two or more parties acting independently for an objective or prize.

Competition is a way of life.  It is a way of comparing one’s qualifications with one’s competitors.  It is a way of keeping score of one’s progress in whatever endeavor one is seeking.  It is a direct communication of one’s development as well as an insight into one’s goals.

Auditioning for a professional job is the best environment for competition.  To begin with, one has no idea of what the competition is until one gets there.  Once you become aware of your competition, you can then analyze your qualifications and get a realistic view of what your chances are of getting the job.

Your goal is to be selected.  If you have not been selected, YOU HAVE NOT LOST OUT.  You have won the opportunity of knowing what you must work on, in order for your chances of getting the next job to improve.  You have won a reasonable amount of knowledge of what your competition is and what you must work on, in order to develop your Craft to your full potential.

Madi 2There are two types of attitudes in competing….HEALTHY and UNHEALTHY.  Unhealthy competition is a way of beating out your opponent, of being constantly aware of his or her qualifications, rather than your own, as a comparison to theirs.  This attitude works against you in competitions.  It puts you in a position of fighting to be better at what your competitor does, rather than trying to be better each time you compete at what you’re striving to do best.  The attitude of competing with someone else only puts you in a position of having to defend yourself and your talents.

The first thing to remember about competing is that competition is NOT A WAR! You are not there to defeat your opponent.  You are not there to kill off your adversary.  You are not there to “Win” or “Lose”.   You are there to do the best that you can; having improved from the last time you competed.  In other words, you are actually COMPETING WITH YOURSELF.  That is HEALTHY COMPETITION.  In competing with yourself, you have more control of yourself and your improvement.

HEALTHY COMPETITION is a way of being on top of one’s own progress, to better one’s self.  Do not improve in order to win over someone else…Improve to win over YOURSELF!

IF YOU DO NOT WIN, YOU ARE NOT A LOSER.  You have won the opportunity of being aware of the needs to better yourself through observing your winning competitor’s qualifications that made him or her, a Winner.  You have won the experience of another competition.  You have won the knowledge of what your goals are at being THE BEST THAT YOU CAN.

Winning does not mean you are the best at what you do.  The best may not be in competition with you at the time you have won.  Remember that there is always someone better than you.  You have not come in contact with them.  Don’t rest on the laurels of “Winning”.  “Winning” is only the gratification of knowing that all the effort that you have put into your training has been rewarded.

Don’t wait to compete until you enter a competition. Begin to understand what competing is all about in your Dance Classes.

Start by observing your fellow students.  If you see someone accomplishing something that you’ve been striving for, that means that it can be done.  GO FOR IT! It’s another step in your progress.  Work with your fellow students; they represent your fellow competitors.  Play a game of “Let’s see who can do the most Pirouettes, who can jump the highest”, not “Who is the best.”

When competing in a group, work as a team.  Work at encouraging each other.  Go over all the last minute details, being positive that you are all going out to do the best job you can, with the hopes of getting an award as an encouragement for all of your hard earned efforts.  You will all be defeating your purpose if your only intention is to “Beat the other guy out”.  If so, and you don’t succeed, then you have prepared yourselves for the possibility of “Losing”.  And “Losing” is a defeatist’s attitude to failure.  A “HEALTHY” competition is the best indication that you’ve structured your life to SUCCEED!!

Types of Dance

We often get questions about what the various types of dance are. To help with some of the inquiries we have prepared a guide which describes the various types of dance. You can access the document by clicking here or by contacting the studio for more information.