Van Dance Studios

Welcome to VanDance Studios. With studio locations all over Southern Alberta, we are excited to help provide a high quality recreational/exam based dance program. We offer classes for all age categories and skill levels, and with our qualified instructors can help you and your children get the most out of their efforts in this beautiful art form. Please take some time to browse our website and blog. We have information available to help you with registration, scheduling, staff bios and qualifications, as well as a few select pictures featuring some of our memories over the last few years. If any questions arise, please use the contact form to let us know, and we will be sure to respond as quickly as possible.

Change to Schedule

As you all know, with the birth of Miss Claire’s little baby boy, she will
be off for the next few months and therefore we will need to have teachers
covering her classes.  In order to accommodate, we have had to make a few
changes to the Wednesday schedule.  The good news is, is that it gets most
of the students finished up quite a bit earlier and it does eliminate a few
breaks for some students.  It does however add a 45 minute break for a few
as well.Update

Also contributing to the changes are the ballet exams that take place on
Dec 3.  We will now be able to start working on choreography in ballet
classes and therefore Primary 2 ballet and Grade 1 Ballet A will now be
combined for all disciplines.  They are now at the same grade level in each
of their classes.

We have now cancelled stretch Prim/A on Wed. as it is down to 3 students.
You may attend another stretch class or we can refund you from Dec 0n.

Below you will find the updated classes schedule which will begin this
Wednesday Dec 3.  There are changes on Tuesday as well but these won’t take
effect until Dec 9.

Also note that there will no longer be Inter F and Inter Saturday classes
now that exams are complete.

Note that December is choreography month for a lot of the instructors.
Please attend faithfully.


Current Schedule

This link will open up our most current proposed schedule for the 2014-2015 dance season.  Please note that some of these times may change as we confirm our enrollment numbers in specific classes. 2015 Schedule


Types of Dance

We often get questions about what the various types of dance are. To help with some of the inquiries we have prepared a guide which describes the various types of dance. You can access the document by clicking here or by contacting the studio for more information.